This is actually applicable on all types of conferences where a company will attend. We would like to give you some simple tips on how to best prepare to show of your company.

On most conferences of this size there are several packages to choose from where you have a booth (small or big), someone from your company speak at the conference (either as a main speaker or in a smaller room), your logo on their website etcetera. These all come with a cost of course.

Speach or no speach?

First of all think this through. Do you have anything relevant to say? Will the audience get a positive mind-set towards your company from your speech? The idea is to actually give the audience something with this speech. You will like the audience to want to turn to your company in the future. To increase sales or what your company does. Many just think it is good to be seen but it is even more important to be seen in the right way.

Big or small booth?

Here the number one is of course what budget do you have? Number two is what will you show in your booth and how many will be there. Remember that if you have a huge boot but only a small table and two persons standing there it might just look silly. Then it is better to have a smaller booth and put the extra cash on decorating. Also a good idea is to get a really good laserprinter and print material that you can hand out to the visitors. This is for more than one reason. You will have a reason to talk to people passing by, giving them the paper and then start a conversation. And also they will have something to remember you by later when reading the pamphlet.

So our tip to take is to think it through before booking and not just going buy budget but also what you have to show and tell.