There are lots to see and do in Stockholm so if you get some spare time during your visit we will give you some tips on what to do. Here you can also find what to do if you need any help such as medical care.


In the city centre there are lots of shopping. You have the main shopping street which is called Drottninggatan. Here you will find most chains like H&M, Lindex and Kappahl but also some smaller stores. There are also some shopping malls in the city, Gallerian which is under remodelling but is open and has lots of stores to visit. On the higher end brands you have NK on the opposite side of the street and a bit further down the streets the Mood Galleria.

If you take a walk down towards Stureplan you will find more stores and another mall called Sturegallerian. In the mall you will find brands from cheap to expensive and around the mall there are also some stores to visit. All from expensive brands to cheaper.

To see

The city of Stockholm also has a lot to see. There are several museums in the city and also an amusement park, aquarium and animal park Skansen. But also if you do not like to enter any of these places you can just take a walk around the city and see all the beautiful buildings and scenery.

As other big cities there are guided tours by bus or boat you can take also in Stockholm. Ask at your hotel and they surely can let you know the closest place to get tickets.

Medical care

If you have the unfortunate to need medical care while you visit Stockholm we will give you some guidance. If it is an emergency and you need an ambulance call 112 and you will get help while in Sweden.

If your condition is not an emergency the best way to get help is to call an online doctor. This way you will get direct help and you can choose whether you want to contact them by phone, video or messages. It might help to write if you are not really comfortable in English. There are physical doctors to visit in Stockholm but usually the waiting is long and you will expose yourself to the infection risk by sitting in a waiting room with other sick people. An online doctor will give you advice and can write prescriptions if you need that. Have a look at this site allalä there you can find an online doctor and read more on how it works and what they can help you with.

Other services

If you need to use public transportation there is one company called SL that provides this service in Stockholm. There are stations where you can buy tickets on several places in the city. Ask at your hotel to find the closest one. You can either buy a tourist ticket that will last for you stay or just a one way ticket. What is the best way to choose depends on how much you will travel and for how long you will stay. Ask at the SL office or at your hotel and they can help you find the most affordable option.

Any other service you are in need of we are sure you will find in Stockholm. Ask at your hotel or at the conference and they can help you find it. One company that can help with cleaning services in Stockholm is tommys hushållsnära.  

Enjoy your stay in Stockholm!